Frequently Asked Questions

What is Placer bus Group?

Placer Bus Group is a volunteer, parent-run cooperative providing bus transportation from Auburn, Rocklin and Roseville, CA to Jesuit and St Francis Catholic High Schools in Sacramento, CA.

How many buses do you operate? We operate only one bus and are not planning to add additional capacity anytime soon.

How do I contact the Placer Bus Group?

Email, Call, fax or send us a letter to our address below. Emails get the fastest response.

Why can't I get a live person when I call your phone number?

The number forwards to voicemail and we will usually get back to you (but be sure to see the below question). We currently do not have anyone available to answer the phone, please contact us if you wish to volunteer for this position. Emails usually get the fastest response from us.

Placer Bus Group has not answered a question that I sent, why?

We are a volunteer group with limited time to manage bus operations. If your question is already posted on our website, we assume that you checked the website and already have your answer, so be sure to check for your answer here first. Questions not found on the website are answered ASAP.

What information do I need to have handy to complete the registration form?

Parent Name, Address, Day Phone, Home Phone, Emergency/Cell Phone, Email Address, Student Name, School and Grad Year, Credit Card Info

Can I register early? No, you must wait until registration opens to give everyone a chance.

Do I have to have my account paid up to date to reregister my child for next year? Yes, please.

What are the regular school year rider fees, when are they due and how do I pay?

Please see our payment page for the exact fees and payment options.

How do I pay my registration fee with a check?

You can complete the online registration form and press the "Mail Payment" button. You will then see the instructions for mailing your payment. You can review the mailing instructions here.

Will you be sending me a payment coupon book? No

Will the bus be stopping for students in Roseville?

We will stop in Roseville.

Can I register for the bus by mail?

Yes, please send a self addressed stamped envelope marked 'registration' to the address below to receive registration materials. Allow two weeks for processing. Because of the demand, we recommend online registration for your best chance for a seat.

I am having problems paying Placer Bus Group using my PayPal, can you help me?

You must contact PayPal customer service for assistance with accessing your account. See PayPal help for more information.

If I can not pay via PayPal, what other payment options are available?

You are welcome to pay us by check, please send it to the below address.

Can I just give Placer Bus Group my credit card number and have you can charge me monthly?

No, unfortunately the only way that we can take your credit card payment is though PayPal online. We do not have access to your account.

My bank offers a bill payer service, can I use it to pay Place Bus Group.

We welcome automated payments, please see our Bank's payment address on our payment page, but please make sure your payment arrives well before the due date to avoid the late payment fee.

Can I give you 10 postdated, presigned, checks for you to deposit monthly?

Yes, we will be happy to hold your checks and deposit them on the payment due dates. Mail them to the address below.

What email address can I make my PayPal payments to?

Please use

The $25 late payment fee that I agreed to pay when I registered seems excessive, why is it so high?

Our bus group is run by dedicated volunteers who have limited time to do their regular duties plus follow up on overdue payments. It is hoped the fee will motivate riders to pay on time so that we can meet our expenses and payroll. If you don't want to pay this fee, please pay before the due date. If you would like to volunteer to follow up with our overdue accounts for us, please contact us, we would be most happy to hear from you.

What postal address can I mail my payments to?

Please use the Post Office Box listed on the bottom of this page.

How can I volunteer my time to serve the Placer Bus Group?

Please send us an email, we would be most happy to hear from you.

I am not getting the Placer Bus Group emails, why not?

First, send an email to us to confirm that we have your email listed correctly, we will send a confirmation to you. If you still are not getting our emails, you may want to check your spam filter setting, often that may be cause of your problem. Please make sure that is included in your address book and/or spam white list.

Can my child use the occasional rider program regularly in the afternoons without paying a registration fee?

Yes, the occasional rider program was developed for guests of regular riders, there are no usage restrictions during mornings and afternoons except as noted. Please be aware that a seat is not guaranteed. If the Occasional Rider Form is not presented each time transportation is requested to the driver or if it is not properly filled out and signed by a student and parent, or if the rider does not have exact amount ($10 no change given and no coins) or if there is no room on the bus, the rider will not be permitted to board the bus. This program may be suspended without prior notice at any time.

How do I correct or change my registration information?

You simply enter the correct information or our correction page.

What happens if the bus breaks down?

Breakdowns occasionally happen and we will work to get the bus fixed quickly. As soon as we are aware of a problem, will start the notification process by twitter, telephone tree and email. Alternate transportation arrangements must be made by parents. We recommend that you have a plan in place before something happens.

When and where does the bus pickup/drop off riders?

Please see our times, pickup and drop off locations and maps on the schedule page.

Can my child park in the St Joseph Parish Parking lot in Auburn?

Yes. To park your car in the parking lot at St. Joseph's Catholic Church during the school day, you must provide the Placer Bus Group driver the following items on the first day of your ridership: 1. A photocopy of the student's California Driver's Licence 2. A photocopy of the Insurance Certificate(s) for the car(s) that the student will park in the lot during the school day. The Placer Bus Group will forward this information to the Pastor of St. Joseph's Catholic Church per his request.

My child goes to another school in Sacramento, can he/she ride the bus?

No, this service is currently limited to students of Jesuit and St Francis High Schools, we are currently at capacity.

Does the Placer Bus Group provide student field trip charter services?

Limited charters may be available on a not to interfere basis with the regular schedule. Please email us with the specifics of your request and we will get back to you with an answer.